Buddhist ritual vase Penba hu draped with a multicolored silk apron bum khebs

Sino-Tibetan 18th century
Gilt copper
H: 18,5 cm

Found on Buddhist altar, the Penba hu (bum-pa in Tibetan) is the pinnacle of the initiation ritual.
The unique morphological iconography of makara is the core motif of the flask.
At the root of the spout, this creature represents the core ritualistic function.
Based on its Indian mythological roots in which the bum-pa acts as a mandala, a doorway for the deity to enter, Makara acts as the vehicle for the deity.
Peacock feathers and the aspergil played also a role in cleaning pre-ritual function.
Thangkas or shrine room indicate how important is this unique ritual water vessel placed on the altar with the significant ritual objects: the vajra dorje and the bell. These paintings show the delicate apron bum khebs adorning the ewer. So fragile as we can see here, it is exceptional to present one well preserved.

Originally casted from metal, silver and gilt copper bum-pa have been found from the Tibetan plateaus. The vessel found its way to the Qing empire as a diplomatic gift. The
porcelain versions appears during the Qianlong period.
The gilt copper flask is fashioned in the form of a small round pot shaped like alms-bowls, with a flared foot decorated with lotus, a narrow neck, and a wide upper rim with lotus design where fits a removable sprinkler Kha-rgyan. The pouring spout ornamented with the makara extends vertically upwards from the body. The red, blue and yellow silk apron is maintained around the neck by two small coral buttons.

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